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Fishing Holiday Packages and Tutorials 

The pristine environment of Devon is one of the last places in Britain where the committed angler can enjoy true wilderness fishing. We offer sport of the very highest calibre for the truly dedicated fisher. You will be able to fish the intimate and softer South Devon coastline.  You will stalk Bass in the surf on beaches,  seek them at dusk in the salt marshes, catch them from the rocks in sheltered bays, or freeline in gentle currents on the open water.


Your hosts

Nick Oatway and Bob Musk live in South Devon and will show you the way of the sandeel. Using light tackle and with close tutorial, you will stalk the elusive Bass in one of the loveliest stretches of countryside and coastline in the whole of Britain. A big bass at dusk, using Nick’s own special tackle rigs and set-ups, will be one of the most exciting moments of your angling life!


We will normally arrange your accommodation at the new facilities at the Old Chapel in the village or in one of our preferred local country pubs, handy for instant morning access to the fishing.

Full board or B&B can be arranged for any size of party with the added option of gourmet dinners or barbeques.


A variety of packages are available. They range from a single day’s fishing through to a full, two week angling holiday, Typically, the ‘wild fishing’ package combines boat fishing and beach fly-fishing for bass and mullet.

 Fishing packages may be combined with a holiday weeks rental, accommodation in the Old Chapel or taken on a ‘fishing-only’ basis.



Nick Oatway and Bob Musk will introduce you to the art of the sandeel, showing you the nuances and tactics involved in this absorbing style of fishing. You will fish the intimate reaches of the South Devon estuaries, or perhaps one of his favourite channel marks, looking for specimen Bass up to and occasionally into double figures. Nick also offers the full guiding and birding service, including a chance to watch resident Peregrine falcons hunting across the estuary mouth.

All guiding bookings are on the ‘full day’ basis.



Food can be geared entirely to your needs and will range from a Champagne breakfast through to packed lunches, BBQ, or a full dinner party. Fresh West Country seafood is second to none and a lobster or bass on the BBQ can make for the perfect end to the perfect day.

Corporate Packages

These can include any or all of the above, tailor made to client requirements.
We have over fifteen years of experience with Corporate Entertainment and our client
list, which includes many blue chip companies, is an enviable one.



All the fishing tackle you may need can be supplied as part of your package.
It comes from the Internationally famous Hardy or Greys brands and is consequently of the highest quality.


Autumn and Winter Bass fishing

In the most idyllic private estuary in England large shoals of Bass run the spring tides from October through into February


The Sandeel
With natural sand eels disappearing at the end of September, Bass fishing with this principal bait normally has to stop.
But now after many years of patient development, a sand eel farm enables us to fish on with live eels throughout the autumn and winter months.
We fish for Bass using light line tackle and techniques that maximize the sporting qualities of this great game fish.
The method is a blend of up-tiding and trotting, but with subtle nuances developed for the Devon estuaries. Hooking a fish in a seven knot tide will be one of the most exciting moments of your angling life!

We often fish on into the dusk of evening, when the larger predatory Bass tend to move in. Our rigs have subtle adjustments for fishing in the dark, together with the use of specially imported illuminated floats.  Dusk fishing in the two hours at the top of the tide is a magical experience not to be missed.